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How do we leave our cage and learn to fly? How do we  rid ourselves of negativity’s, such as  past fears, traumas, sorrows, anger etc…  Letting go is not easy,  mainly because it’s been a familiar part of our life.

Are you ready to De stress now?

Are you ready to clear out the old pain still residing within your body and mind?

Are you ready to  give up the past and began living a  new and vibrant life? Are you ready to began your journey?

To worry is a powerfully destructive habit which sadly effects our future. Therefore, keeping us behind prison bars and addicted to our past!


 Workshop testimonials:

Aubrey is one speaker I would never want to miss! She lights up the room with her positive presence & her loving energy. What she brings to the plate is truly to be admired! She has a wonderful way of bringing out the very best in you. A powerful speaker, one you will never forget!

Thank you  Aubrianna you have changed my life!”                                                              -Barbara Rosson, Panama                             city beach Florida. 🙂 

“A’s”  wonderful and powerful style gave me the confidence to change and grow to truly love myself. I highly recommend her workshops!”                                               -Maryann Burchell, Sarasota Florida.

Aubrey has a  passion for inner child work. Her way  of teaching self love moved everyone in the room around me. She’s a very heart centered person. After the workshop I felt I ‘d reached a deeper communication with my inner child.” 

-No name entered.

Aubrey is a deeply caring person who has helped  me and her students really get in touch with what was needed for our growth. Thank you!

                        Audrey Vaidya

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