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Free Me From My Cage

Free Me From My CageAuthor Aubrianna Rose was a frightened, lopsided little girl- terrified of her father’s unpredictable rage and deeply wounded by a religion that placed impossible demands upon her.
And then, she met Steve- her savior. Steve would save her from her misery. After a few months, warning signs were fiercely demanding her attention.  Had she been mentally and emotionally stable, she would have recognized her inner feminine promptings. Sadly, they married.
She spoke to no one of her dark secret as it spread like black ink, seeping deeply into every crevice of her mind.  She began questioning her sanity and excusing Steve’s cruel behavior.  The degrading side effect of physical and verbal abuse is what it did to her fragile state of mind- a slow, manipulative form of brainwashing. Essentially, she was having her brain raped!

She was terrified and alone-until she discovered no one is really alone.  We create our prisons, our cages.  She shut the door on herself- no one did it for her.  Then one day something churned and shifted from deep within; she opened her prison door- her cage!

Aubrianna shares an excerpt from her story.

“My life was slipping away from me; like sand pouring rapidly through the holes of a colander. I felt empty and no longer able to keep my life together. Every nerve and cell of my body felt hot as though on fire. I trembled violently while climbing the stairs.”

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