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Warning signs!

This article was written for Relate Magazine. An article for Teens.

“He makes me feel kind of weird, but Omg! he’s Sooo cute!”  “Maybe he’s just nervous around my friends, after-all he’s only known them a short time.” “The way he smiles and looks at me, makes me feel a little strange,” “Maybe it’s just me?” “Well, he did say his mother never showed him any kindness or affection growing up, that is so sad, I’ll give him what he was lacking after all  he was just a lonely frustrated kid.”

And, the list of feminine promptings continue to nudge us trying to get our attention, with  red flags of warning. A gift we feminine creatures possess, is our ability to read through to the heart of the matter. Do we tune into these subtle, yet vital intuitive hits? Or, do we sabotage ourselves by disregarding them and chalking it up to, “well… maybe it’s just, me?”

When we “unplug” ourselves from the very essence of discernment, we stand naked and vulnerable against the early warnings signs of potential abuse. In my case I had warning signs that were hitting me with “Wake up Aubrey! What are you doing?” I made excuses for his unusual behavior and began questioning myself and feeling I was to blame. Sadly, I married a short time later, ten months to be exact. His unusual behavior changed from odd to cruel and abusive. If I had grown up with a healthy role model for a father, I believe I would have made healthier choices. So… I found myself choosing my father as a husband, only difference was he made my father seem mild in comparison.

I essentially found myself trapped in a cold metal cage with absolutely no way out of my verbal/physically abusive marriage. As well as a controlling religion dictating why I could not leave my husband regardless of the abuses. I suffered for over twenty years until one day something shifted within me; I was not planning on spending the rest of my life in that cage. I needed to free myself. So, to my beautiful sisters reading this article, please, please, please, listen to your vital instinctive nudges! With Love Aubrianna Rose.

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Accentuate the Possitive!

Do you find yourself saying Enough of the Insanity what is going on in this crazy world? How can the contribution I make really make a difference? The truth is, the insanity starts with each individual on this earth. Yes, its that simple, yet profoundly terrifying. The time is now to wake up to the realization that each and everyone of us can make a difference. We need to step up to the plate with confidence and a whole lot of courage.  Wake up and feel Your Authentic Power! Don’t wait on the government and don’t wait for others. Its starts with You. What can we do? How can we help?

Fasten your seats belts and get ready for the ride of your spiritual life. Picture yourself in a  large dark room, you strike a match. Your able to see your surroundings from that one tiny flame. It is this example that we can use regarding our contribution in this world. First and foremost, is the knowledge of learning to truly love ourselves. And only then can we  understand how to love beyond ourselves and eventually the entire planet. How does one learn to love them self?

Let’s start with one simple step: We turn the volume off within our head; that voice which nags and degrades us. How does one turn off this destructive voice? When we learn to meditate we are training our mind to stay present. We don’t go to the past and we don’t go to the future. We stay in the present moment of peace which is ultimately the understanding of being awake and conscience. Throughout the day when our personal insecurities slide into background of our thoughts, the voice that tells us:You can’t do that, your not good enough, stop while your ahead, my God your so embarrassing! And the list of repetitive messages continue daily bombarding us with nothing but degrading cruelty. Until we say Enough! Build yourselves up from the inside with meditation. Meditate, meditate, meditate is your first answer; building yourselves up from the inside.It takes discipline and determination, however when you begin to feel the love and peace, you’ll stick with it!

Turn off the Negative and Turn up the Positive. Who better then Aretha Franklin encouraging us with her electrifying and powerful voice!

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