Published Author, Free Me From My Cage, retreat and workshop leader


Aubrianna has a passion for dream interpretation, positive affirmation teachings and Reiki distance healing. If you are interested in making an appointment  please contact her first via email in the below contact form to set up an appointment.

Fees for either dream interpretation, positive affirmations, and Reiki distance healing are: $67.00 per session. 

Have you ever woke up after a nightmare, shaking and terrified? And, the following day pondered over the dreams countless times, wondering what it meant? What about the dreams of flying?Sexual dreams? Dragons, snakes and the list goes on and on. It just so happens that I have been fascinated with dreams since the age of four. My affinity with dreaming as led me to many years of study and research. I would love to work with you and help you understand what your dreams are imparting to you; and how you can began improving your life one dream at a time!

Positive affirmations are truly one of our saving graces. Why? Because just as the expression goes we are what we eat. The same is true with, we are what we think! I will walk you through the steps, teaching you how to improve your life one dramatic leap at a time!

Distance healing. I am an intuitive Reiki Master. Both combined gifts can have a spiritual and healing impact on our lives.