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Aubrianna Rose lives in Northern California with her two sons. She is a Reiki master and is schooled in water massage and Native American polarity healing. She loves Feng Shui design, dream interpretation, and building custom water fountains. She is a certified therapist and workshop leader following the teachings of Louise Hay.

She asks her readers, How do we remove ourselves from our cages?  Unfortunately the longer we’ve been in our cage the more challenging it can be. We become accustomed to the “comfortable” the familiar.

In my case it took several years, in fact most my life!  One day the tiniest fragment of realization churned within me. This feeling was so foreign to me, nothing I had ever experienced before.

Aubrianna shares an excerpt from her story.

“Gently I pulled the white laced  veil over my face- little did I know metaphorically, I pulled a veil over my life. I was alone in the room, standing in silent contemplation. I breathed deeply to steady my uncertain nerves. My trembling hand hesitantly grasped onto the cool metal door knob and turned. I  opened the door to My  pain… My lessons… My karma…My life.”

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Aubrianna has a passion for dream interpretation and positive affirmation teachings. If you are interested in making an appointment  please contact her first via email in the below contact form to set up an appointment. Fees for dream interpretation and positive affirmations are: $67.00 per session.

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