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Teenagers Are An Endangered Species!

teen 4

We parents, need to take a more active and positive role in saving  our children! 

Why…. Are our Teens struggling? The use of recreational drugs, our Teens are buying off the streets or online is growing out of control!

The biggest number one reason is: they need Love from their parents, (not from a boyfriend or a girlfriend) they need quality time guidance and attention. Because Moms and Dads are struggling to provide: its putting pressure on our young adults, their parents are not home to love, guide, and protect them. Not to mention many households are single family households, which forces a Mother or Father to be both roles. The Teens see the stress their Mom or Dad are under. So, they either say nothing to their parents  of their problems, which only causes them to implode. Or, other teens will explode and unleash their suppressed emotions. Henceforth, many of our young ones are self medicating to ease their pressures and find a quick escape.

Parents too, are faced with the same challenges. They are stressed beyond words as they shake and rattle on the inside. Therefore taking more and more stimulants to keep up with the “rat race”, (such as energy drinks and mega amounts of coffee).  And, in so doing they can suffer from severe adrenal fatigue.Doctors are prescribing Methamphetamine’s in the form of a drug called Adderall. don’t be fooled, this drug is the same as Meth!

So you might ask, where do we stop the insanity and began bringing balance back into our lives again?

Consider reading: Free Me From My Cage, by Aubrianna Rose: The sequel is due to come out Winter of 2016.

Stay tuned for more info on how we can help our Teens,. Our future generation!




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