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“A terrific launch as an inspiring new writer! “

This book is a page turner! When I started reading it, I just couldn’t put it down. This is a great story that I’m quite certain everyone will enjoy and relate to. Everyone loves an underdog. And, everyone loves a courageous person. Great Read!

Gary Delfino Author of: Conscience Of a Dead Killer



Aubrianna Rose captivates her readers with a thrillers edge, making it a challenge to set her book down. Her compelling story unfolds dramatically, bringing you to tears, laughter, and joy! As a reader you may find yourself wanting to reach through the pages of your book to help this innocent girl. Aubrianna so beautifully brings back to life  the magic of living through the eyes of a child again. Her true life story will inspire and motivate anyone in a controlling religion or abusive relationship, You Can Get Out!

“I have worked with victims of violence: physical, mental, and emotional. This book is a stunning testimony of the body and soul’s will to live and thrive, despite the odds. It appears to be written straight from the heart, in a style that is engaging and powerful. When you finish reading this book, the reader will feel as if they have been a traveler along on this thrilling journey”.

Denae Leigon MFT

Free me From my cage: Sparks internal questions for the reader on many levels. Some  questions have religious overtones: How does a person’s religion dictate their life? Is there such a thing as spiritual abuse? Do parents have the right to inflict their belief system onto their children? The reader will also find questions which search through the web of marital exploitation: What is considered spousal abuse? How does someone free them self from a controlling relationship? All these questions and more will enter the reader’s mind while quickly turning the pages of this personal story of guilt, shame, and abuse. In this cliff-hanger, we can only wait to discover if freedom unfolds in Roses sequel.

Barbara Sinor, Ph.D. Therapist and Author.Gifts From the Child Within,Tales of Addiction  and Inspiration for Recovery.


“A new release you don’t want to miss.”

Dr. Steven West, Nature-path medicine.


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